Sunday 5th October 2014

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As most of you will know the church is only financed by the generous regular giving of our members. Money is an important aspect of the life of the church – and incorporates our heart and attitude to giving, as well as our handling and spending of money given. The Hill is a registered charity and company so we have some very clear obligations by law.

On Sunday 5th October during our normal meeting time we will be taking an opportunity to introduce the Trustees of the church, and outline how they manage the money entrusted into their care. We will also briefly cover how much we have received and what has been done with it.
We are not intending for the afternoon to be boring or simply dull number recital but rather faith-building, vision-driven, worship-fuelled and full of gratitude and prayer for what God has blessed and what we hope for and our working towards.
I hope you can join us for this very important meeting. In the future we shall aim to have one of these each financial year. Guests are welcome and will find the meeting informative about life in The Hill.