We believe in the power of prayer in the name of Jesus.

If you would like to be prayed for or believe there is something we can pray for as a church family that is close to your heart, then let us know. We have a number of people in the church that love to pray, and we get together monthly for a prayer night too. Come along to learn more about us at The Hill.

Prayer requests

By following the ‘Send Prayer request’ button below, it will take you to a form you can fill in for specific prayer requests. You may fill it in for yourself, or for someone you know (as long as they understand it will be shared with a group of dedicated prayers).

Share your prayer requests with us through our contact form here. This will be collected by one of our leaders and shared where we feel it would be best to be prayed for. This could be in our lifegroups, brought to our Sunday meeting, our mens or womens group or monthly prayer evenings. Thank you.

Submit a prayer request