Commit to pray for 30 minutes. If you want to PRAY, follow the ‘sign up to pray’ button below – it will take you to a page with 30min time slots around the clock. You will see slots that others have chosen! You can then choose one or more 30min slots to PRAY.

Sign up to pray

Prayer requests

By following the ‘Send Prayer request’ button below, it will take you to a form you can fill in for specific prayer requests. You may fill it in for yourself, or for someone you know (as long as they understand it will be shared with a group of dedicated prayers).

Send a prayer request

Prayer Wall

You will only be able to view the prayer requests on the prayer wall below if you have signed up to pray on the 24/7 Prayer website and been sent a password. The password will be in the booking confirmation email you received from 24/7 prayer.
If you can’t find the email or are otherwise having problems with this page, please email and we’ll get back to you.

Prayer Requests

The prayer requests are password-protected. Please enter the password to view them.