24/7 Prayer

In these unprecedented times we need to pray more than ever. And right now there are people in our church community and beyond who need our prayers. You can ask for prayer or commit to pray in our new Prayer area.

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Virtual gatherings – Sundays at 4.00pm

Stay connected during this time of social distancing – the Hill Church will be streaming services using the Zoom APP. Its free to download and sign up.

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I Will Not Profit | 18.03.20

This a short thought provoking message from one of the founders of Matthew’s House and a leader in The Hill Church. It was previously a private video to a church community but he has given permission for it to be shared online. #iwillnotprofit

The Alpha Course – Online!

Starts Tuesday 12 May 7.30-9:00pm. By Zoom in your home!

A great opportunity to explore some of life’s big questions ie ‘is there more to life than this?’ ‘Is there really an after life?’ For login details, email hello@the-hill.co

Swansea Together Covid-19 response.

Doing our best to make sure no-one is forgotten

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Covid-19 Announcement regarding The Hill Church Find out more

We meet at Matthew’s House (just up from the train station on Swansea High Street) on Sundays at 4pm.
However, we do occasionally meet elsewhere for baptisms and other celebrations.
You can check the diary for more information, or drop us an email and we would be delighted to fill you in.

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Connect Online

The Hill Church App for your mobile or desktop

Regular attenders of The Hill find that one helpful way of connecting with others is via our online hub. You can do this through the website but many people make regular use of our smartphone and desktop app – available on request by emailing us at The Hill. We use this online tool to help us effectively communicate across a growing number of people, but also to enable everybody to find out what is happening and where.

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About Us

The Hill Church in Swansea is part of the Newfrontiers worldwide family of churches. With a passionate commitment to build the church according to New Testament principles.

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I’m New here!

Welcome! We know how important it is to find out more about us, and then hopefully make a connection with us. Our commitment to guests is that they feel welcomed, informed, but not pressured or overwhelmed.

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Our leaders are not perfect, after all who is, but they do seek to be responsible, discerning, faithful, humble and committed people. Solid leadership inspires us, but it is good character that provides security.

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