We're all about Jesus

About The Hill Church

We are all about Jesus! The gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ, and the incredible gift of salvation and forgiveness that we have through faith in Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection. The gospel changes lives, and we seek to be a force for the gospel in Swansea and beyond.

Yet we also know that we are to demonstrate our faith with practical acts of love and service to the world around us, to be salt and light wherever we are. For this reason, we also aim to be a church that is a force for good too!

The Hill church is part of the Catalyst network of churches, which has it’s roots in New Frontiers International.

Salt and Light

Our Story

The Hill church began as a church plant in 2011. Robin & Hannah Vincent had planted and led a church in Bromsgrove when they felt called by God to plant again in Swansea. They arrived in 2011 with their two children, and soon had two other couples join them too. In 2012 another new church plant in Swansea called Vibrant City church joined and strengthened the core of the church plant. Meetings were held in a lounge and slowly grew, with the church moving to two other venues before finally purchasing our own building in 2016. The building had been used by a previous charity to support the vulnerable in Swansea, and due to unfortunate circumstances were forced into closure. In purchasing the building, our aim was to ensure the building remained a ‘force for good’ in the city, and a place of hospitality and hope. Soon, the initiative of Matthew’s House began, with the first expression of a junk food café to serve meals that were destined for the bin to be fed to the hungry instead!

Other expressions of Matthew’s House are now also running. The Hill church also meets here on Sunday afternoons, where we strive to be a force for the gospel and a force for good in the city.

Our Culture and Values

At The Hill church we aim to have a culture that honour God and reflects His heart. We aren’t there yet! But we long to become the Church that God had in mind from the start.

Here are the nine culture statements that guide and inspire us on this journey…

- A 'Sharing Good News' Culture

We can all lead someone to Jesus at any time, we are ready! We are together on a mission to take the good news of Jesus to Swansea and beyond. We are salt and light wherever we are and bring the light and love of Christ, ‘doing what we love and changing the world while we do it’.

- A 'Force for Good' Culture

It is close to our heart to remember the poor. At all times, in all situations and for all people, we seek to do good, act in love and with deep compassion, decisively and generously.

- A 'Forward Looking' Culture

We are always ‘looking forward’, expecting and embracing change as we grow. We invest ourselves into others, encouraging everyone to ‘have a go’, and raising leaders who raise new leaders for the next generation.

- A 'Pull In' Culture

We welcome strangers, are inclusive, and show generous hospitality. Every person, of every age and ability is pulled in because they are valued and add value.

- A 'Disciple Making' Culture

We are committed to baptising new believers, and making new disciples. We grow in our faith and aim for maturity. We encourage everyone to come as they are, warts and all! But not to stay that way, to allow God to lovingly change us as He works in our lives.

- An 'All in' Culture

We encourage everyone to be as ‘all in’ as they can. We are wholehearted, generous givers of finance, our time, talent and gifts for the strengthening of the church.

- A 'Doing Life Together' Culture

We celebrate each other’s highs and carry each other’s burdens; a church beyond a crowded meeting, with open hearts and homes where we eat together, share life and cherish friendship. We honour and serve one another, forgiving and reconciling when we don’t see eye to eye for the goal of peace making and genuine unity.

- A 'Being Real' Culture

We go beyond small talk and aren’t afraid to be ourselves. We are family first, and don’t need to perform or pretend with each other.

- A 'Heart after God' Culture

We are wholehearted in our worship, devoted to the Bible’s teachings and are committed to personal spiritual growth. We love the presence of God, the life-changing power of His grace, the gifts of the Spirit, and His ministry through us to one another.

The Hill Leadership team:

Grant Winter

Elder, Teaching, Worship, Training, Life Group

Ashley Winter

Eldership Team, Worship, Life Group, Admin

David Ellerby

Elder, Trustee, Life Group, Worship, Teaching

Alison Ellerby

Eldership Team, Life Group, Safeguarding, Worship

David Garcia

Life Group, Students, Teaching, Sunday Welcome Team

Lucy Garcia

Sunday Creche, Life Group, Welcome Leaflets

Roger Fellows

Life Group, Matthew's House, Trustee, Sunday Hospitality Team

Deb Fellows

Life Group

Thom Lynch

Matthew's House, Youth, Brotherhood, Events, PA, Systems

Hannah Lynch

Youth, Hill Ladies, Sunday Host, Teaching, Safeguarding

Annie Johnston

Coffee, Cake, Catchup (midweek outreach)

Allan Johnston

Coffee, Cake, Catchup (midweek outreach)

Dawn Bishop

Trustee, Sunday Host, Matthew's House

Sarah Rees

JAM (Children's ministry)