Church is more than just a meeting for a few hours on a Sunday. It’s about people doing life together. If you want to be a part of The Hill we encourage you to connect in different ways.

Get online and get The Hill in your pocket!

This is our main online method of accessing information about The Hill such as online talks, meeting dates, serving reminders and contact details of members. Please note that the app is available for both smartphone and desktop.

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Visit us on a Sunday

This is an excellent way of meeting us and getting to know us. We aim for our meetings to be informal, relaxed and a place where everybody can feel at ease and be themselves. There is no dress code, pressure to participate, or even stay the whole time.

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Join a Life Group

Life groups exist to deepen genuine community in everyday living, far beyond a crowded meeting room. They enable opportunity to know, encourage, equip and care for one another. They create a culture of listening and learning from the Scriptures and give opportunity to demonstrate the work of the Spirit and of grace among us.

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Serve on a team

Everybody can make a difference to life in The Hill. Everybody has something to bring and contribute. This helps us connect and strengthen the church at the same time. Perhaps you can get involved?

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Subscribe to our blog

We use our blog to comment, reflect, celebrate or communicate news. One helpful way of staying up to date with what is happening is by subscribing directly to our blog, so that new submissions are emailed to your inbox!

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Other ways to connect

We use numerous ways to connect to one another. Examples include informal gatherings, football nights, breakfast events, social events, seasonal events, celebrations, brotherhood nights, festivals and lunches. If you want to find out how to get connected, get in touch.

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