Statement of Faith

The below has been paraphrased from the Welsh Evangelical Alliance‭ (‬EA‭) ‬Statement of Faith‭. ‬We edited this to give a broader understanding to a wider audience‭, ‬who may be unfamiliar with common Christian terms‭. ‬If you have questions or technical criticisms‭ ‬of our wording then please refer to the EA statement for the detailed account of what we believe‭.‬

  • We believe in one sovereign God‭, ‬who has always existed and always will‭, ‬and who is expressed in three persons‭ ‬–‭ ‬the Father‭, ‬the Son‭ (‬Jesus Christ‭) ‬and the Holy Spirit‭. ‬This is technically known as the trinity‭.‬
  • We believe that Jesus was fully God and subsequently always existed and always will‭, ‬but also that he was fully man‭, ‬born to a virgin‭, ‬perfect in his manhood and life and is in perfect relationship with the Father and the Holy Spirit‭.‬
  • We believe that the Bible is God inspired and therefore the only true Word of God‭, ‬resulting in it being entirely reliable‭, ‬trustworthy and‭ ‬the supreme authority in all matters of life‭, ‬faith and conduct‭.‬
  • We believe that through the universal rejection of God by man, we are all born into the world separated from a true meaningful loving relationship with Him and that because of this impure state‭ (‬sin‭) ‬we are condemned to spend eternity apart from Him‭.‬
  • WebelievethatJesusactedasoursubstitutebeforeGodbyhisreal and painful death on the Cross‭ (‬Crucifixion‭) ‬–‭ ‬thus being subjected to the full wrath of a Holy God as judgement against an unholy mankind‭.‬
  • We believe that Jesus died a real death on the Cross and was buried for three days before rising‭ (‬Resurrection‭) ‬from the dead and appearing to many witnesses‭.‬
  • We believe that only a sincere belief in Jesus’death and resurrection is the only means by which the relationship between an individual person and God can be restored to its original context and ensure an eternity spent with Him‭ (‬Salvation‭).‬
  • We believe that this restoration work of salvation through Jesus Christ is a work of God‭, ‬and God only‭ (‬Grace‭), ‬and thus can never be shaken or destroyed once established‭.‬
  • We believe in all the power‭, ‬gifts and work of the Holy Spirit in awakening our souls‭, ‬birthing us into a true relationship with‭ ‬God‭, ‬witnessing to that relationship and changing us to live our lives more in accordance with God’s will and purpose‭.‬
  • We believe that the local church is fundamental to God’s ultimate plan for mankind and the outworking of His love now‭, ‬and that all believers should seek to be whole hearted committed‭ ‬members of such a church‭.‬
  • We believe that all believers have a role to play in the local church‭, ‬and that no function or gift is of higher value than any‭ ‬other‭ ‬–‭ ‬rather that the church thrives most effectively when believers serve God whole-heartedly making the most of natural abilities and gifts of the Holy Spirit given to them‭.‬
  • We believe that Jesus left clear uncompromising commands for believers to proclaim the good news about Jesus Christ‭, ‬and the need for all mankind to believe in Him and what he did on the cross‭, ‬in order for us to be saved‭.‬
  • Webelievethatpartofthesecommandsincludedtheinstructionto immerse new believers fully in water‭ (‬Baptism‭) ‬as a symbolic and essential testament to the work God has done spiritually‭.‬
  • We believe that the believer must seek to spend their life whole‭- ‬heartedly committed to glorifying Jesus‭, ‬submitting to the Holy Spirit and becoming mature in the faith‭.‬
  • We believe that God is deeply concerned about injustice and poverty‭ ‬–‭ ‬materially‭, ‬physically‭, ‬emotionally and spiritually‭ ‬–‭ ‬and that the Church has a responsibility to act and promote in numerous situations this concern‭ – ‬locally‭, ‬nationally and worldwide‭.‬
  • We believe in the reality of Satan‭, ‬who is not equal to God in anyway‭, ‬and his kingdom‭, ‬which is in total opposition to God’s people‭ (‬Believers‭).‬
  • We believe that Jesus has supreme authority over Satan and similar powers‭, ‬and that this authority is delegated to all God’s people‭.‬
  • Webelieveandexpectthepersonal,visiblereturnoftheLordJesus Christ in power and glory‭, ‬bringing with Him the end of the world‭, ‬universal judgement for all that have lived‭, ‬and the final punishment of Satan‭ ‬–‭ ‬with the ultimate conclusion that God’s Church is taken as the bride of Christ for God’s own glory both now and forever‭.‬

The Hill Church Leadership March 2014