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The Forty-Eighth | The Message | 01.03.2020

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The Bible calls us to worship in response to the work of Jesus Christ. The question is how much worship is required? In this message we understand that it is everything of what we have, even if what we have does not feel like it is enough. We come to understand the finished work of God, and the personal response that God then seeks from all of us. Text Mark 12:41-44

The Forty-Seventh | The Message | 09.02.2020

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This is the final conversation that Jesus has with the religious authorities prior to his arrest. It concludes with no one daring to ask him any more questions. In this third conversation there is the underlying message that we are made to love (God and one another), but that we are incapable of truly achieving this. We also hear in this message the purpose of the law and how Jesus came to fulfil it. Text Mark 12:28-40

The Forty-Sixth | The Message | 26.01.20

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This is the second of three final discussions that Jesus has with the authorities. This one focuses on the resurrection and sets us up to understand that a resurrection is coming and that this has profound implications for our lives. It also challenges the equivalent philosophers of our day. Text Mark 12:18-27

The Forty-Fifth | The Message | 19.01.20

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The main purpose of the Bible is write a better story than the one we have written for ourselves. We spend our lives writing God out, but fail to realise that our story is part of His story. This is a helpful perspective as we approach Mark 12:13-17 which seems on the face of it to be a story about taxes!