Unashamed – Talk One (28 January 2018)

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From a dark and damp Roman prison cell, chained like a criminal, Paul wrote his second letter to his son in the faith, Timothy. He told him to not be ashamed of the gospel, nor to be feel ashamed of him. Inspired by this passage of scripture, and the call for us all to boldly proclaim Christ, this talk is the first in a new series called ‘Unashamed’, where we look to strengthen our witness of Jesus Christ to the world around us. The talks will also be practical and empowering through the use of apologetics to equip every believer to defend the Christian faith, and to live for Christ in a way that is totally unashamed.

Bones “Make a good deposit” (10 December 2017)

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The Bible and the message contained within could be described as a lion roaring. Who could defend it and who could deny its power. Its primary purpose is to reveal Christ so that to those who accept him he becomes more valuable and more personal. Jesus described our hearts as a treasury and the Word of God is the best kind of deposit we can make in the same. As we come to the end of 2017 it is a good question to ask – what is the bank balance of your heart? And how can we increase the value of the deposits in 2018?

Full of Grace and Truth – Part Seven (26 November 2017)

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John Chapter 12. Love’s response to grace and truth. The Word became flesh and made his home (pitched His tent or ‘tabernacle’) among us. In the old testament, only the priests got to see the glory inside the tabernacle – the colours, the fragrance and the glorious presence of God. John said he saw the glory of Jesus and He was full of grace and truth. Mary of Bethany saw the beauty and glory in Jesus and gladly poured out her precious perfume upon Him. Today, we can still offer acceptable offerings and pleasing worship to Jesus and to Father God. Our sacrifice may seem like waste to others who don’t see or understand the ‘pearl of great price’ but God notices all we do for Him.

The Message: The Seventeenth – Mark’s Gospel (5 November 2017)

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Mark 3:20-35. God does not line up with us, we are called to line up with Him. History is full of cultures, countries, cults, religions, churches and Christians bringing their plans, agenda & identity with the expectation that God will line up to them. The issue with that is it creates dim vision, low expectancy, small hope, weak faith and quiet worship. In this message we discover the importance of obedience and surrender which this leads to true freedom for anybody.