The Cloud – Gladys Aylward (14 April 2019)

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A snap shot look in to the life of Gladys Aylward and her journey too and in China. We look at her trust in God throughout the many obstacles that stood in her way. Gladys was seen to be “not qualified” to do the things she did, but through her trust in God and his provision in her life, great things happened. Listening to this, you will learn that “God’s provision is AWESOME! We just need to trust in him!”

The Thirty-Five – Mark’s Gospel (24 March 2019)

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Anyone who has been following Christ for a while will know the disappointment of being unable to help people in desperate situations. What is the cause? How can we see change? How do we find ourselves as followers who increasingly possess the compassion, wisdom and power of Jesus Christ. Text: Mark 9:14-32

During this talk Robin references two previous talks in the series:

The first is dated 23.04.2017 and you can listen to that here.

The second is dated 03.06.2018 and you can listen to that here.

Paul: Rejoice always, I will say it again, Rejoice! (17 March 2019)

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Are you a glass half-full, or a glass half-empty kind of person?
The Apostle Paul tells us to “rejoice always in the Lord”. What does that mean for us?

Continuing his series through Philippians, Dan uses the life of Paul to demonstrate how we can all still rejoice no matter what our circumstances. Paul’s glass was filled until it was overflowing, and we too can all be filled with the same joy that the great Apostle experienced.

Full of Grace and Truth (John 21) – Part 18 – Restoration after Failure

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Simon ‘the Rock’ Peter really blew it when he denied Jesus three times, but Jesus saw it coming. He never makes mistakes or changes His mind. In this post-resurrection account, we see how Jesus graciously restores a broken Peter by reminding him of his original call and drawing out the most fundamental truth, ‘Do you love me?’ Peter has grown in self-knowledge and humility and will soon be right back on track, preaching boldly, catching ‘fish’ (men) and feeding sheep (the Church).

The Cloud – David Wilkerson (3 March 2019)

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A brief look at the life of David Wilkerson, the first ‘witness’ we are looking at as part of our new series ‘The Cloud’. We look at how God used him to reach the most broken in New York – it didn’t require qualifications or experience, just a willingness to hear and obey God.

Full of Grace and Truth (John 20) – Part 17 – The Resurrection (17 February 2019)

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We don’t know a lot about the woman called Mary Magdalene (Miriam from Magdala), but we do know that she had seven demons cast out of her by Jesus. She lingers at the tomb, desperate to find the body of Jesus, and has the honour of being the first believer to see the risen Lord Jesus. The truth of the sins of our past do not define us or disqualify us. Through the grace of Jesus we are all equally forgiven and made holy, and Jesus is not ashamed to call us His brothers and sisters, sent out in His name to proclaim the good news that He is alive. One day we too will receive a glorious body like Jesus!

Philippians: Epaphroditus, the obedient servant (10 February 2019)

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Why do we sometimes struggle with the word “obedience”? What does it actually mean to be obedient to God?

In the first of the series exploring the book of Philippians we look at the obedience of Epaphroditus. An often-overlooked figure, Epaphroditus played a key role in the delivery of Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi. How can we learn from his and others inspiring acts of obedience?

Matthew’s House Update (3 February 2019)

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Thom Lynch shares on the growing work of Matthew’s House, the impact it has had over the last two years and the importance of thanking God and the Hill Church for being part of it all, blessing it and being the driving force behind Matthew’s House. His talk includes stories, stats and encouragements to inspire all listeners, with a message of challenges to the Hill Church focused on growing together with Matthew’s House.