Peace | When the World is Rocked | 24.05.2020

Peace is really important and everybody wants peace in their inner most being, and most people desire peace in their close relationships. When crisis hits us our search for peace intensifies and where we thought we had it is severely tested and can sometimes be founding wanting. Only in Christ can we find true peace.

Text: John 14:27

The Blessing:
It is Well with My Soul:

Hannah Vincent

About Hannah Vincent

Hannah and Robin have been involved in senior leadership within churches in the Newfrontiers family for over 10 years. Previously they helped start a church in Birmingham, before starting another one in Bromsgrove. Their family moved to Swansea in 2011 to start The Hill. Hannah is the more creative one and actively involved in a local photography club. They both love Jesus and have a passion for churches that help people meet him.