Full of Grace and Truth (John 20) – Part 17 – The Resurrection (17 February 2019)

By 17th February 2019Grace and Truth, Teaching

We don’t know a lot about the woman called Mary Magdalene (Miriam from Magdala), but we do know that she had seven demons cast out of her by Jesus. She lingers at the tomb, desperate to find the body of Jesus, and has the honour of being the first believer to see the risen Lord Jesus. The truth of the sins of our past do not define us or disqualify us. Through the grace of Jesus we are all equally forgiven and made holy, and Jesus is not ashamed to call us His brothers and sisters, sent out in His name to proclaim the good news that He is alive. One day we too will receive a glorious body like Jesus!

David Ellerby

About David Ellerby

David and his wife Alison have lived in Wales for a long time which has resulted in their now grown-up children having a unique blend of Geordie/Welsh accents. They live on the outskirts of Swansea and have been involved in church leadership for a number of years. They have a deep commitment to the local church.