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Who Do You Think You Are? (4th August 2019)

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In this talk by Ed Strong, he reminds us that every Christian is a priest, connecting people to God. Taking the analogy of priesthood from the Old Testament he goes on to describe how every Christian is a person of water, a person of linen, a person of blood and a person of oil. Understanding these truths will transform our relationship with God and how we are to help connect others to God.

What are people saying? (4 November 2018)

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In Luke’s gospel (Luke 7:22) we are told of a moment when John asks Jesus if He is who everyone says He is. The reply from Jesus was to ask what people are saying? Jesus knew what His reputation was amongst the people. In this message, Ed Strong, a visitor from South Africa and a dear friend of The Hill Church, asks the question as to what our reputation as a church is – a reputation for an authentic Jesus, with the truth, full of grace and a high priority for love.