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Find out about The Alpha Course at our Alpha Introduction Evening at Matthew’s House

Thursday 11 October From 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Matthew’s House, 82 High Street,Swansea, SA1 1LW

Dinner provided
Vegetarian and vegan option available

For more information about Alpha visit

The Message: The Twenty-Seventh– Mark’s Gospel (10 June 2018)

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Before the promise of Jesus, God said a type of Elijah character would come. This was John the Baptist. John was bold, courageous and knew what he was about – when people thought of John they thought of Jesus! As a consequence he was both of interest to those who listened and a thorn in the side. In this message we hear about a character call Herod who felt this way about John and all he had to say, but also had other contenders in his life that he wanted to listen to. Text: John 6:12-30.

Proverbs Day Twenty-Nine | Love criticism!

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Whoever stubbornly refuses to accept criticism will suddenly be destroyed beyond recovery. Proverbs 29v1 (NLT)

I love these kind of Proverbs. The reason is simple, because criticism is painful and hard to take. I guess it is for most people.

Last night my daughter was discussing personality types and she concluded that I don’t take criticism personally. I am not sure that is true! Whilst I take a degree of comfort that I may have a degree of resilience to criticism which helps me, but the other side of that coin is that it can make me stubborn and unyielding. Over the long haul that is dangerous territory. Key to criticism acceptance is identifying a core of people who have free reign to criticise you. You must know, before the criticism begins, these people are for you, love you and want you to win. Don’t let the criticism change your perception of that. I have seen too many people confidently declare a trust in people, only to distrust them when the criticism comes.

He who is often reproved, yet stiffens his neck, will suddenly be broken beyond healing. Proverbs 29v1 (ESV)

One Anothering – Together (12 February 2017)

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Jesus told his disciples that people would know they were his disciples by their love for one another. The Bible has many other ‘one anothers’ as well, describing the way Christian brothers and sisters should treat each another. In this opening teaching of the series ‘One Anothering’, we look at the importance of firstly being devoted to one another in fellowship.

One Anothering – Honouring one another (5 March 2017)

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The ‘One Anothering’ series focusses on the statement Jesus made, that the world would know who His disciples are by the love that they would have for one another. It’s so important therefore that as the church get it right! This talk specifically looks at how we should ‘honour one another’ (or as the NLT translation puts it – to ‘outdo one another in showing honour!’) particularly in terms of Value, Merit and Rank. It challenges us to truly honour one another, so that the world may see and know that we are His disciples!

Cold Turnip for pudding, anyone?

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Luke 14:1-24

In this account told by Luke, Jesus had been invited to the house of a prominent Pharisee for dinner, along with other guests who appear to be other Pharisees and experts in the law. (prominent people). Throughout the gospels, the Pharisees were mostly opposed to Jesus being their long awaited Messiah, (there were some exceptions), and did not take a liking to how Jesus exposed their religious hypocrisy.

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Thankful Hearts – Psalm 16

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The Bible can be studied and analysed in great depth, but it is also a manual, a guide, a prompt and a promise for everyday life. In this talk we see how we can approach the Psalms without any preparation, and yet feed the soul from its promises and in prayer.