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The Message: The Twenty-Nine – Mark’s Gospel (22 July 2018)

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The difference between a created being and the Creator is significant. Whilst we are like God, we are not Him. However, the real wonder about the Christian faith is that God became like us. In this account of a creation miracle we are left asking have we understood the significance of these stories in Mark and what is our understanding of Jesus Christ. Text Mark 6:45-52.

The Message: The Twenty-Eight – Mark’s Gospel (1 July 2018)

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The Bible makes clear that God is our Creator. He is also a God that defies the laws of Science as much as he is one that defines them. In two passages of Mark’s gospel, chapter 6:30-43 and 8:1-21 we read of the feeding of two large crowds using miraculous means. What does this mean for us and for them? What does it tell us about Jesus?

The Message: The Twenty-Seventh– Mark’s Gospel (10 June 2018)

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Before the promise of Jesus, God said a type of Elijah character would come. This was John the Baptist. John was bold, courageous and knew what he was about – when people thought of John they thought of Jesus! As a consequence he was both of interest to those who listened and a thorn in the side. In this message we hear about a character call Herod who felt this way about John and all he had to say, but also had other contenders in his life that he wanted to listen to. Text: John 6:12-30.

The Message: The Twenty-Fourth – Mark’s Gospel (1 April 2018)

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This is our Easter Sunday message in 2018. We live in a culture that says the Bible is an ancient text not really drawn up for today – It was useful once, but is no longer useful. However, Christianity and the message of the Bible stands on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. That changes everything. One of the first witnesses to the resurrection recounts his memories of Jesus, and in Mark Chapter 5 tells a story of a “dead-man” walking who finds life, hope and peace in Christ. There is hope for everyone. The Hill Church will never ever give up, looking for the living amongst the dead.

The Message: The Twenty-Third – Mark’s Gospel (25 March 2018)

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Jesus has been calling people to go with him to the other side. To the uncomfortable, costly, messy and risky place where the people who need him are. We need this willingness and experience to grow, to see Jesus for who he is and to sacrifice our ‘pigs’ for the sake of people made in the image of God – no matter how broken, beaten, battered or bruised. Text: Mark 4:35-5:20.

The Message: The Twenty-Second – Mark’s Gospel (4 March 2018)

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When we experience tough seasons we can often look for answers from God as to why He would allow it or even cause it. Sometimes it can feel the only reason for the season even happening is because we followed him. In those moments it is critical that we ask the right question, which is not why is this happening?, but who is this who is with us?

Text: Mark 4:35-41

The Message: The Twenty-First – Mark’s Gospel (11 February 2018)

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Mark chapter 4 contains four important stories that Jesus uses to teach us about the work of the Kingdom of God in the world and in our lives. This talk is the third talk focused on Mark chapter 4 and covers the final two stories. It centres on a truth that is at the heart of Christianity. If you see that truth, and know that truth it will set you free. (Mark 4:26-32)