Grace and Truth

Full of Grace and Truth – Part Ten (15 April 2018)

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Jesus tells his disciples that He is going to the Father as our advocate. He says that God’s Favour (grace) is upon them and Promises that they will be able to ask for anything in His name. They (and we) can pray with boldness and confidence free from guilt or condemnation. Jesus also Promises that the Father will send another Advocate (The Holy Spirit) who will live inside them and guide them in Truth. Jesus shows them that The Father’s Purpose for them is to carry on doing the works He began – preaching the Good News, making disciples and building His church. Text: John 14:12-17

Full of Grace and Truth – Part Seven (26 November 2017)

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John Chapter 12. Love’s response to grace and truth. The Word became flesh and made his home (pitched His tent or ‘tabernacle’) among us. In the old testament, only the priests got to see the glory inside the tabernacle – the colours, the fragrance and the glorious presence of God. John said he saw the glory of Jesus and He was full of grace and truth. Mary of Bethany saw the beauty and glory in Jesus and gladly poured out her precious perfume upon Him. Today, we can still offer acceptable offerings and pleasing worship to Jesus and to Father God. Our sacrifice may seem like waste to others who don’t see or understand the ‘pearl of great price’ but God notices all we do for Him.