Guarding and Growing Our Faith | 01.09.2019

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What is the most precious thing you have? In this talk Grant explains that our faith in Jesus Christ is more precious than gold. By faith we are made right before God and live the rest of our lives in obedience. We should therefore do everything we can to guard and grow this precious faith, as well as greatly use and share it with the world. 

Blessedness | 25.08.19

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The goal in life for many people is happiness. Happiness is great but more important is Blessedness. Blessedness is not so much about how you feel about yourself and your life but how God sees your life. A blessed life depends on righteousness and obedience.  It is marked by God’s favour, fellowship and fruitfulness.  None of us are righteous enough to earn God’s Blessing . We are all sinners in need of mercy. But in Christ, by faith, we can inherit every spiritual blessing. The blessed life is not trouble free but is the best life we can possibly have!

BONES “Belong, Feel, Act” (11 August 2019)

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In this message Robin speaks to the church about recent events they have experienced and how we can learn from these about the nature of what it means to belong to a local church and the worldwide church.

Who Do You Think You Are? (4th August 2019)

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In this talk by Ed Strong, he reminds us that every Christian is a priest, connecting people to God. Taking the analogy of priesthood from the Old Testament he goes on to describe how every Christian is a person of water, a person of linen, a person of blood and a person of oil. Understanding these truths will transform our relationship with God and how we are to help connect others to God.

Don’t Put Out the Spirit’s Fire – Come Holy Spirit (28 July 2019)

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In this final talk of the series, Grant talks about how important it is that we not resist, or quench the Holy Spirit. (Or, as another translation has it, to ‘not put out the Spirit’s fire’). He looks at 6 ways whereby it is possible for us to suppress, or resist, what the Holy Spirit wants to do in us and through us. Conversely, we should welcome the Holy Spirit; being open to His working and fanning into flame what He wants to do among us.

Spot it, Kill it, Say – Come Holy Spirit (14 July 2019)

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What should be the evidence that we are known to be full of the Holy Spirit? As Grant explains in this talk, it may not only be through using the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but also in demonstrating the fruits of the Holy Spirit.
Part of this means that we need to recognise behaviour in our lives that is not the fruit of the Spirit. We need to spot it, kill it, and invite the Holy Spirit to help us become more like Jesus!

The Thirty-Ninth – Mark’s Gospel (07 July 2019)

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Peter asked Mark to record memories of his time with Jesus for one primary reason – so that we might know that Jesus Christ was the Son of God. In this message we cover the overall teaching of the Bible on divorce, and then focus in on the topic as it is covered in Mark – but we finish with the true reason it was included in this gospel letter all along. Text: Mark 10:1-12