BONES “Be like Phoebe”(28 October 2018)

By 28th October 2018Bones, Teaching

What sort of person would you entrust to hand deliver a very precious document? What would be the characteristics that you would look for? Phoebe was a person entrusted with the safe delivery of the letter to the Romans. Her faithfulness, reliability, willingness and availability were used by God in a hidden way, but also in a significant way. She had a reputation amongst the believers as someone who would help and serve whenever, whatever and for whoever it was necessary. Phoebe is an excellent example of someone regarded as a deacon in the local church. We can aspire to be like her. Text: Romans 16:1-2


About Robin

Robin has been involved in senior leadership within churches in the Newfrontiers family for over 10 years. Together with his wife Hannah, they helped start a church in Birmingham, before starting another one in Bromsgrove. Their family moved to Swansea in 2011 to start The Hill.