William Booth | The Cloud | 17.11.19

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Thom looks at the life of William Booth, what he did, what he believed was his calling and how God equipped him to see it through. William Booth was also a preacher and focused on the fight, fighting for the work and calling God had put on his life. A real life story and testimony of loving the poorest in one of the toughest times in London’s existence.

William Wilberforce | The Cloud | 22.09.2019

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In this talk, Hannah takes a brief look at the life of William Wilberforce, a British politician who was prominent in the abolition of the slave trade. Hear his journey of faith and of God’s calling on his life. Be inspired by his resilience as he set his face like flint and pressed on despite the setbacks.

The Cloud – Gladys Aylward (14 April 2019)

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A snap shot look in to the life of Gladys Aylward and her journey too and in China. We look at her trust in God throughout the many obstacles that stood in her way. Gladys was seen to be “not qualified” to do the things she did, but through her trust in God and his provision in her life, great things happened. Listening to this, you will learn that “God’s provision is AWESOME! We just need to trust in him!”

The Cloud – David Wilkerson (3 March 2019)

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A brief look at the life of David Wilkerson, the first ‘witness’ we are looking at as part of our new series ‘The Cloud’. We look at how God used him to reach the most broken in New York – it didn’t require qualifications or experience, just a willingness to hear and obey God.