Swansea Churches Night Shelter 1st Dec – 28 Feb
Richard, Louisa and I served on this last year and it was good fun and very satisfying. The Night Shelter shall be running again later this year over the Christmas period. Rough Sleepers have the opportunity to stay in churches and the churches need volunteers to serve over a shift system. I have put my name down again, and if you are interested then please do the following:
1. Email mandy.harvey@parklandschurch.org.uk and let her know.
2. Make Mandy aware that you are connected to the Hill
3. Consider attending an introduction night at Parklands Church 17/7 @ 7pm
The introduction evening will be an opportunity to come and find out what is involved. Hear from some of the homeless agencies and chat to some of the volunteers who were part of the shelter this year. They are hoping to invite one or two of the guests along to share their experience.

Robin !-)