A Letter Addressed to You

Desire | A Letter Addressed to You | 19.05.19

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What do you desire? What is desire? How important is it?

In the final part of our series looking at Paul’s letter to the Philippians we search scripture to find Gods desire for his church. Desiring God is our goal, but it isn’t always easy.

We NEED God. More than we need oxygen, food or water, let that truth be life changing, allow it to transform your walk with Christ. Let his peace guard your hearts and minds.

Joy | A Letter Addressed to You | 17.03.19

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Are you a glass half-full, or a glass half-empty kind of person?
The Apostle Paul tells us to “rejoice always in the Lord”. What does that mean for us?

Continuing his series through Philippians, Dan uses the life of Paul to demonstrate how we can all still rejoice no matter what our circumstances. Paul’s glass was filled until it was overflowing, and we too can all be filled with the same joy that the great Apostle experienced.

Obedience | A Letter Addressed to You | 10.02.19

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Why do we sometimes struggle with the word “obedience”? What does it actually mean to be obedient to God?

In the first of the series exploring the book of Philippians we look at the obedience of Epaphroditus. An often-overlooked figure, Epaphroditus played a key role in the delivery of Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi. How can we learn from his and others inspiring acts of obedience?