On Tuesday 21 August we shall be hosting a second evening called – for the time being – 15 minutes! This will be held in the function room at The Woodman Pub. It will start at 7.30pm and finish officially at 9.00pm. As with Alpha we will serve buffet type food. The evening is intended to be a context where more time for specific questions, discussion and teaching can take place. So why call it 15 minutes!
Well we did not really know what to call it, but we felt that this best described the evening (and until we can think of a better name) in that every time we meet we will begin the evening with a maximum of 15 minutes teaching.
After these 15 minutes what will happen for the rest of evening will be dependent upon those attending. The risk in trying to describe the evening in detail is that by doing so we over-define it and limit it. So the best way of discovering what it will be like is to come along and contribute. Everybody is welcome, and it is encouraging that this could be the context where our friends from Alpha can also meet some of the Hill church.
Looking forward to seeing you there. The dates of all the planned 15 minutes! are on the diary.