Grace upon grace

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It is a misunderstanding to think that God will remove all our regret and sorrow at our sin this side of eternity. Rather the Bible shows us that we should take our awareness and use it to make even more of Jesus Christ in our worship. It is only He who will treat our sin and shame as though they were no more, whereas for us it is to say ever more loudly “what was intended for evil has been used by God for good”.

Come and drink

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Whenever we teach about the Holy Spirit we must remember that those listening will be diverse in their understanding and their expectation. This is not new, and rather like the Holy Spirit, has been around from the beginning. But the Bible does make clear that an increase was also promised, and the tipping point came in the book of Acts. From this time on we see that He makes himself known like a personal item of clothing for us to wear, which changes us today both from the inside out, and from the outside in.

Bones: Weakness

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Weakness is a valued quality in the Bible, just as much as strength. To neglect a life of weakness is to neglect the ways of Jesus and to miss out on the power of God that is only found in weakness. This talk explains how we can be weak before others, weak in sharing our faith, and weak in understanding the future.