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Dan Steele

How do you fight your battles? (9 December 2018)

By | Teaching

When faced with the challenges, trials and heartache that life will inevitably throw at you, who do you turn to? How do you fight back?

Jesus warns us that we will endure many trials and sorrows while on earth but encourages us to take heart, as he has overcome the world. Dan introduces four practical steps we can take to overcome our daily battles, start fighting back, and march to victory in Jesus name.

John 16:33 and Psalm 91:9-16

Unashamed – Making the case for Christ (29 July 2018)

By | Teaching, Unashamed

How do you explain your belief to someone that Jesus Christ was the son of God, that he died for the sin of the world and was resurrected three days later? The easy answer is to say “because the Bible says so”. And although that’s true it probably won’t make much headway with a generation increasingly less likely to see the Bible as the authoritative Word of God. Dan explores how we can combine Scripture along with solid historical facts and evidence outside of the Bible to provide a compelling argument for Christ’s existence, his crucifixion and his resurrection.