The Hill Online

Sunday services online.

We have returned to the building for for worship and our Sunday services but will continue to stream our meetings online via Zoom 

Meeting ID (830 410 006 85)
Password (975806)

It’s that easy – instructions are below – go for it!

Zoom – Download, Install and Setup


Depending on the device you’re going to use Zoom on, use one of the links below:

For iOS Devices (iPhones + iPads)For Android Devices (Phone or Tablet)For Windows or Mac computers

Install and Setup

1. For iOS and Android devices:

Once Zoom has downloaded, you will find it,

On iOS: it will appear on one of the home screens.

On Android: the best place to find it is in the big list of all your apps.

To move the app to a more accessible screen,

Press & hold on the icon for about 1-2 seconds and then move your finger to where you would like the icon to be. 

Tap on the icon to open Zoom.

2. For Windows or Mac computers:

Open the file once it has downloaded (double click in most cases)

Joining a meeting

Once Zoom is open, you should see one of these screens, or something similar:

Feel free to sign in but this is not essential (you can use your Google or Facebook account). Pressing “Join a Meeting” will prompt you for a “Meeting ID”, “Password” and your name.

For the Sunday meetings:

Meeting ID will be: 830 410 006 85
Password: 975806