Welcome! We know how important it is to find out more about us, and then hopefully make a connection with us. Our commitment to guests is that they feel welcomed, informed, but not pressured or overwhelmed. There are three obvious ways to connect with us and these are shown below. Alternatively please feel free to email us or ring us on 07548 906159 to ask any questions or to introduce yourself. 

Sunday Gatherings

We would love to meet you at one of our Sunday meetings. Please feel to visit. They are an ideal way to discover more about how we do things, what we believe and what we are trying to do in Swansea. Our meetings start at 4pm. They have a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and there is no pressure to participate or do anything other than be yourself. There is no dress code etc. Come as you are. Be who you are. Click here to find where we meet.

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Connect Online

Amongst other things this is a useful method of signing up to our regular email updates about what is happening in The Hill. We also have a Facebook page which is used a social tool for those connected to the church. Please click here to sign up for the email updates and access to our online hub. Please click here to sign up for the Facebook group.

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Connection Groups

Regularly meeting in smaller groups within the church is a brilliant way to make friendships and really get ‘under the skin’ of what makes The Hill tick, who is involved etc. We call these Connection groups. These are friendly gatherings spread across Swansea. They are informal and relaxed, whilst providing an invaluable environment for friendship and encouragement in our faith. Get in touch with a group here.

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