Last updated 04 February 2022

Join us back in the building for worship from Sunday 19th September @4pm!

Here is some detail of the ‘how’ and ‘when’ for Sundays, until further notice.

Meeting length:

No more than 1 hour including a 15 minute teaching & some songs led by a band.


We will not offer teas/coffees at this present time. You may bring your own drink if you require it.


Masks must be worn (by law) within the building, unless you are exempt.


The Cafe area will be reserved for parents with children, and the youth. There will be an interactive, ten minute Bible story for the children followed by a fun craft.


We understand that there may be some who want to attend but can’t – this may for example be due to being unable to book a seat, feeling vulnerable, having to self isolate, having symptoms or testing positive for Covid-19 (Covid cases in Swansea are currently very high). Therefore, we will ‘Zoom’ the meeting as well. Of course this will not have the same feel of connection and interactivity that we have all enjoyed in the previous format – but we hope nonetheless that it will provide a connection for those not able to attend. The code to join will be the same – 83041000685 – but you will need to enter a new password as well – 975806. You could use the link below.

If you have any queries on these measures or anything else, we want to hear from you! Please feel free to contact Grant on 07547005770, or

Join the Hill Church via Zoom