We’ve tried to summarise the things that we believe The Hill should focus on. They fall into five biblical priorities listed below


History is about the spectacular display of the riches of God’s goodness, kindness, love, patience and mercy – with the main point being the display of His grace (his undeserved love and kindness) towards us through Jesus Christ. We aim to explain and example that kind of grace in everything we are and do.


This is an old word meaning world-changing good news. In our case it is the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This truth, and the consequences of it, is the best thing we can tell anyone anywhere. It is the foundation upon which we build. We do have a Statement of faith, please click to download.


The Bible makes it very clear that the church is healthier when people are using their talents and skills for the good of one another. We aim to discover and build using these God-given gifts.


We have been given an abundance of grace through the gospel, and through the gifts. How then can we not be generous in using them for the benefit of others? We want to build with the attitude it is better to give than receive in all aspects of life.


God is interested in growth, both seen and unseen. We have an expectation of Him working positive change in everything – from the number of people who belong, believe and contribute, but also right to the heart of our attitude and outlook.