The Hill Kids

We value children – and admire their energy, contribution and enthusiasm. We want to serve them, and their families, in such a way that they grow and thrive in their relationship with Jesus.

Mini Heros

Any child up to school Reception age.

Mini Heroes is parent-led. We aim for it to be relaxed, fun and located very near to our main meeting so that young parents do not feel isolated when they come to our meetings.


Ages: school Reception to end of school Year 6 (and school Year 7 if appropriate)

We aim for this group to be fun, fast-paced and full of Jesus. We have a dedicated and growing team of people serving in this area. All of them our subject to clearances as per our child protection policy.


School Year 7 and above.

RIOT stands for Righteous in our time. That is our vision for our young people. RIOT is led by an excellent team who really relate well to this age group.