Leadership at The Hill

Our leaders are not perfect, after all who is, but they do seek to be responsible, discerning, faithful, humble and committed people. Solid leadership inspires us, but it is good character that provides security.

Robin & Hannah Vincent

Robin and Hannah have been involved in senior leadership within churches in the Newfrontiers family for over 17 years. Previously they helped start a church in Birmingham, before starting another one in Bromsgrove. Their family moved to Swansea in 2011 to start The Hill. Robin enjoys the gym and football. Hannah is the more creative one and actively involved in a local photography club. They both love Jesus and have a passion for churches that help people meet him.

Grant & Ashley Winter

Grant and Ashley moved from South Africa just over 7 years ago with the intention of being involved in a new church in Swansea. Previously they had been involved in church leadership in South Africa. They love living in Wales! Ashley has a thriving photography business which she started from scratch a few years ago. Much of their time and energy goes into raising their four young boys and trying to stay sane whilst doing so.

David & Alison Ellerby

David and Alison have lived in Wales for a long time which has resulted in their now grown-up children having a unique blend of Geordie/Welsh accents. They live on the outskirts of Swansea and have been involved in church leadership for a number of years. They have a deep commitment to the local church.