Jesus taught that there were many valid ways we could express our call to love and follow him – the main issue being that our hearts reflect God’s heart. Here are some of our expressions

The Hill Together

Let us not give up meeting together. This is our common gathering of the whole church where we come together and worship God and receive biblical preaching and teaching. We also serve our children during this time with specific groups appropriate for their age. Being together like this is precious to us and we intentionally aim for these times to be an ‘open window’ in order for visitors to get to know The Hill a little better.

The Hill Scattered

Making much of Him. Wherever we are. Meeting together is important to us, but it is not the only expression of the church. We are especially keen to reflect God’s heart for remaining mission focused. We have found significant benefit in occasionally ‘pausing’ The Hill together in order to facilitate time with others outside of God’s family. This expression consistently reminds us that we are called to be the church wherever we are.

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The Hill Unwrapped

The Hill Unwrapped

One Church. Many Gifts. The Bible teaches us that the church is like a body with Jesus at the head. The body itself has many different and equally important parts. God in His grace has given all his people a vast array of spiritual gifts which are intended to be used by us for building and strengthening the church. This expression is where we make additional time to worship and wait on God, whilst also encouraging us to serve one another in the use of some of those gifts.

The Hill (But we had to) Party

We should be the happiest people on earth. Jesus told a story about a son being reconciled to his family. The father’s response was to have a party. This expression is an opportunity to bless our friends and neighbours with a great party, whilst celebrating what God has done amongst us.

The Hill (But We Had to) Party