There were ten bridesmaids …

By | The Storyteller

Matthew 25:1-13

The bridegroom is important and essential to the story. The bridegroom is delayed. But the bridesmaid were expectant even though it is going to feel like he is not on his way. And the wisest ones understood that he might be delayed but that they must be ready for when he came. Don’t be foolish and make assumptions. And when he comes he will come in truth, humility and justice. So get ready by pursuing these three things.

There was a wedding…

By | The Storyteller

Weddings in Jesus’ day were pressure cookers for relationships. We have are own modern equivalents. What happens when we come together with all sorts of different people from all sorts of different circumstances? More importantly what do we do? Do we go first or last? Do we take or give? Do we focus on the now more than the later? Luke 14 verses 7 to 14