She Cries Out! Hide these words – Bible Reading Plan

As mentioned during my last talk I use the following Bible Reading Plan. It has no dates and no time schedule. I love it! I call it “Read the Bible within whatever time frame and order that suits you Plan”. Very catchy. The attachments are below. I have included both the excel spreadsheet and more printer friendly PDF. The excel attachment is the one I used to create it, so that you can adapt it if you wish.

Click here for the plan you can use – bible_reading

A couple of comments that you might find helpful.

1. The questions on the bottom right are the kind of questions I ask myself when I come to the Bible. You might find them helpful.

2. The verses written on the bottom right remind me of my goal (Colossians 3:16) and my prayer as I read (Psalm 119:18).

3. Below the Psalms ‘Heading’ I have linked certain months to certain segments of the Psalms. The reason I do this is that if I find myself reading the Bible today, 17 June, then I will go to Psalm 17. But if it was 17 October, then I count 17 days on from Psalm 125 and read that one. This means I might cover the Psalms as I go.

4. I use the same idea in point 3 for the chapters of Proverbs. Whatever day it is, means I might read a Proverb chapter of the same number.

5. Finally, I have learnt to spread my reading out – rather than just focus on the New Testament or my favourite books only. The idea of this plan is to ensure I have a balance and entire covering of Scripture over a period of a months, year or even many years!

Hope it helps!


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