Connection Groups at The Hill

The Bible says that we should have friendships and relationships, which encourage, provoke and generally support one another in life. Anybody who has been alive even a short-while discovers that life is a series of good days, normal days and bad days.

The church is likened to a human body where each part serves the other parts. We feel the joy, challenges, frustrations, successes or pain of each other. But life occurs 24/7, not just on Sunday afternoon! We have developed connection groups as a means of helping and encouraging one another 365 days a year. Our aim is that everybody who counts the Hill as their local church will make a connection to others in the Hill through these groups. You can connect to any group you wish, so just make contact with any or all of our connection leaders.

Connection Group 1

Grant and Ashley invite you to join them! They believe getting together during the week is really good to keep us connected and build strong friendships!  They have four growing boys who love people and are sure to keep all entertained! Families are so important – so bring yours along! If you would like to know more about their group and when they meet please call/text them on 07547005770.

Connection Group 2

Roger and Deb are relative newcomers to Swansea, having moved here from Sussex in 2014 to be part of The Hill. They think building up one another’s faith is important. The group they lead is open to couples, singles and families and together they explore how to apply Bible teaching to everyday life in a fun interactive way. This includes time for watching films & sport, having walks, barbeques & fun on the beach. If you would like to find out more contact them on 07940889815.

Connection Group 3

Kyle leads a group that meets in the city centre of Swansea. The group is particularly appealing to students, but not exclusively so! Like the other groups they mix up how and when they meet, but they have  a strong desire to regularly and consistently encourage each other in following Jesus. Kyle is currently studying at Swansea University and is also very involved at the Student Christian Union there.  If you would like to know more about their group and when they meet please call/text Kyle on 07932 001 615.