Catalyst Festival

Catalyst Festival 2015

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The date of the festival is SATURDAY 23rd MAY to TUESDAY 26th MAY 2015 (You can depart on the morning of WEDNESDAY 27th MAY).

Every year we go camping, well some stay of us stay in nearby hotels, B&B and some use caravans*… but you get the idea. We are not alone! We join with about 3000 other Christians from our family of churches (The Catalyst Network of Churches) – many from the UK and others further afield. We have a powerful time of teaching, community, worship and even sunshine! There is age appropriate activities for all.

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The Catalyst Festival 2014

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The Hill is part of the Catalyst Network of churches, and part of the wide Newfrontiers family.

Between Saturday 24 and Wednesday (morning) 28 May 2014 we will be attending The Catalyst Festival near Coventry.

Currently we have 28 adults and 10 children booked in from The Hill. It is mainly a camping festival, albeit some of the church will be in caravans or off-site. We are also inviting Valleys Family Church (Bryn Mawr) to use our marquee this year, as they have a very small group booked in and so we offered, as we want to be good neighbours.

If you are new to The Hill why not join us? In fact, please join us. It was such a positive experience last year and was so good for us as a church. The costs are around £115 per adult.

Book by clicking here.

Please email if you have booked in as that helps us know who is coming.

This links takes you to a posher video, but the one below is of The Hill having our Catalyst Experience in 2013!!

Catalyst 2014

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Get the dates in your diary!!

The Catalyst Network is a group of churches that we relate closely to as both friends and partners together on a mission. The network is part of a wider church family, Newfrontiers, that stretches across the globe. Here is the promotion video for next years Catalyst Festival. Many of The Hill went to the first festival in May 2013! We will produce some more information shortly about how you can book via the church with a free will offering, but you can book and pay direct if you wish via the Catalyst website.

Oh yes, see if you recognise one of The Hill on the video. They decided not to give her a speaking part though :(

Catalyst Festival 2014 from Catalyst on Vimeo.

The labour and the fruit

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I am returning home from the Catalyst Festival – 4 days of living and worshipping the Lord amongst 3000+ people for four days. Last year when I travelled home from a similar camp for teenagers I had a discussion with Darby and Jake. I asked them how all these churches came to be. Darby correctly answered “Somebody planted them”. This method is how Christianity has been growing all over the world since A.D. 33. The Catalyst ‘experience’ is the fruit of much unseen love and labour – not just by hundreds of faithful volunteers and church members in the months and weeks beforehand – but also with the blood, sweat and tears of obedient church planters across cities, towns and villages in the UK.

In The Hill we are sowing a seed that will become a strong and healthy oak tree for God. It will take time, and include days of pain and others of pleasure (rather like camping!!) but in the end we will all say it was worth it and it will be a blessing to others.

As we drive home (Hannah is driving, just in case you are wondering!) and I write this post, I just received a text from somebody in the last church. I share the contents of it as an encouragement to US ALL – what we are ALL doing to build the church will make a real difference in people’s lives:

“Hi Robin, just wanted to thank u n Hannah for the personal sacrifices u have made with jobs, finances & family (and continue to make) with church planting. It is because of couples like u that me and my family r so blessed with Gracechurch. Just wanted to encourage u. Praying that God continues to both protect and bless u.”

May we continue to advance the gospel and the planting of local churches across Wales and beyond. It is a privilege to serve God church planting.

Catalyst 2014

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We are having a great time here at Catalyst – meeting with God and one another – and already looking forward to Catalyst Festival 2014. The dates next year are Saturday 24 May to Tuesday 27 May 2014. Delegates depart on Wednesday morning of 28 May 2014. More details to follow, but why not get it prioritised in your diary now. Link to Festival website.

Catalyst Forms Downloads

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Not long to go now and the weather looks promising! Really praying that God speaks to us individually and as a church throughout. Here are some practical bits and bobs.

We are on yellow 7. Please do not arrive any EARLIER than 10am on the Saturday. On arrival you will not need a pass to get on site. Just explain you are heading to Yellow 7. When you arrive at our allocated area Hannah and Robin will be there to meet you and show you where you can pitch or caravan. Please do not start before we show you as there are strict rules about spacing for fire regulations. Please bring sensible sized accommodation for your occupancy i.e. not a 20 man tent if there is only 1 of you! It makes a difference as we have a set amount of space. Just be sensible and if in doubt, give Robin or Hannah a call on 01792 204014. Robin’s mobile is 07869 287270 if you have an issue on route. On arrival at the site we will also be able to give you a wrist band to show you belong on site. Don’t forget your Bible!!

We shall have a marquee 6m x 6m. We plan to have an hot water urn on in the marquee and will also have an electric light. We will have some coffee facilities as well, but please bring your own as well. Please remember to bring a chair with you for the marquee. Please also bring cakes, biscuits and other snacks to share.

Site Map (Printed version available tomorrow at The Hill together)

Guide (Printed version will be given on arrival)

Dashboard ID for Yellow (Printed version available tomorrow at The Hill together)

Kids Registration form (Printed version available tomorrow at The Hill together)

The Catalyst Festival 2013

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From Saturday 25th to Tuesday 28th May 2013 we shall have the opportunity to gather with approximately 4000 other people from Newfrontiers’ churches at the Catalyst Festival held at Stoneleigh Park Conference venue.

You have three options:

1. Don’t go… I have to be fair and put that option in ;)
2. Book in directly OR
3. Book through the Hill… see below

We do not wish money to be the reason that anybody chooses not to attend. Therefore, as a church we have made a decision to invite people to book centrally through the church and the initial cost will be met by central funds. Following this we will hold several gift days where people will be able to give anonymously as much as they can afford. Some people will give more, some will give less. In order to participate please use the following form, and return it to Emma Roberts completed as soon as possible.