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Carry each others burdens (17th September 2017)

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Galatians 6:2. Jesus called out to the weary and heavy-laden, and invited them to Him to take away their burdens. He still does! Yet there is a mystery in that the church is described as being the Body of Christ. Therefore it would make sense that we too can also help carry each other’s burdens, just as Christ does. This kind of love and care for one another goes deeper than a simple ‘How are you? I’m fine’, and means we are called to share and carry the toughest parts of our lives together as we follow Christ together.

Not envying and provoking one another (3rd September 2017)

By | One Anothering, Teaching

Galatians 5:26. That feeling you can get when you hear your friend has received a promotion and pay rise at work. That time when your colleague was given a parking spot at work ahead of you. That moment when you saw your neighbours extended family go round for Sunday dinner, and your own family live on a different continent. What is that? Envy. It ‘rots the bones’ (Proverbs 14:30). It should have no place in our lives or how we treat one another.

Living in peace with one another (30 July 2017)

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Living in peace with one another. Matthew 18:15-17. Conflict is a part of life. It usually arises when we have expectations that aren’t met. But how we handle conflict is what really matters. If handled well, there can be a hugely positive outcome that can strengthen the relationship. If handled poorly, the results can be devastating. In this talk we look at how we are handle conflict within the church, so that we can live in peace with one another, and reflect the nature of God who resolved the greatest conflict of all time when we made peace with us by His blood shed on the cross.

One Anothering – Together (12 February 2017)

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Jesus told his disciples that people would know they were his disciples by their love for one another. The Bible has many other ‘one anothers’ as well, describing the way Christian brothers and sisters should treat each another. In this opening teaching of the series ‘One Anothering’, we look at the importance of firstly being devoted to one another in fellowship.

The King and I: Loved – John 3:16 (06 November 2016)

By | The King and I

John 3:16

Part of discovering our identity in Christ is understanding that we are deeply loved by God! When we are in Christ nothing – not even sin and death which once separated us from God – can separate us from His great love. To grasp and experience this love is life transforming, and firmly seals our identity as loved children of God.

Beware of Imitations?

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About 2 months ago I began developing lower back pain. As a result, I went onto Youtube to find out how to do back stretches and build muscle in my lower back. There was one particular channel that I found to be very helpful, with a young energetic trainer guiding it’s audience through the various exercises, and being careful to ensure that it was being done properly with arms and legs in the correct positions so as not to cause the back further damage. I am pleased to say that it appears I am doing it correctly as it seems to be paying off!

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The King and I: Significant- Ephesians 2:10 (23 October 2016)

By | The King and I

Ephesians 2:10

What is the meaning of significance? What do people do to find significance? Many will feel that in contrast, their lives are really insignificant, and that they they don’t really matter. However as part of discovering our identity in Christ, we need to understand our true significance, and grasp the important truth that no matter what – we matter to God, and the way we live our life, matters!