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Unashamed – Talk Three (11 March 2018)

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How did we get here? Are we simply the result of random particles that collided to create the universe, our sun, our earth, our very existence? If there is a design, doesn’t that point to a Designer? In this session Grant, Matt and Dan talk about creation, and how we as Christians can be confident in the overwhelming evidence that a Creator – eternal, all powerful and infinite – must have created everything we see today. Incredibly, the Bible describes how Jesus Christ, the son of God, sustains and holds all of creation together! While theories exist even within Christian circles as to the ‘how’ and the ‘when’ God created, this talk is geared more towards the shared underlying point that all Christians agree on – that for there to be a creation, there must be a Creator! As Christians believing in a loving Creator, we can be more than confident that the evidence is overwhelmingly on our side! We can be unashamed to talk about our faith in a God who is real, and who has revealed Himself not only through creation, but through his son, Jesus Christ.

Unashamed – Talk Two (18 February 2018)

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In this session Grant explores how as Christians we should talk naturally about our faith to unbelievers, that can open up conversations about Christ. Matt and Dan then give helpful advice about who to speak to, what to look out for and how to better understand the person asking questions about Christinanity , in order to share the gospel in the most effective way.

Unashamed – Talk One (28 January 2018)

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From a dark and damp Roman prison cell, chained like a criminal, Paul wrote his second letter to his son in the faith, Timothy. He told him to not be ashamed of the gospel, nor to be feel ashamed of him. Inspired by this passage of scripture, and the call for us all to boldly proclaim Christ, this talk is the first in a new series called ‘Unashamed’, where we look to strengthen our witness of Jesus Christ to the world around us. The talks will also be practical and empowering through the use of apologetics to equip every believer to defend the Christian faith, and to live for Christ in a way that is totally unashamed.

Conversations – Christ Ministries India (22 October 2017)

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In April 2017, Grant had the opportunity of ministering into a church in Vishkhapatanum, India. The church (Christ Ministries) meets on top of a three story building in the middle of a slum area, with extreme poverty. This conversation was in Swansea where Grant spoke to Michael and Ladha about their church plant, and reminds us that God loves all nations.

Carry each others burdens (17th September 2017)

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Galatians 6:2. Jesus called out to the weary and heavy-laden, and invited them to Him to take away their burdens. He still does! Yet there is a mystery in that the church is described as being the Body of Christ. Therefore it would make sense that we too can also help carry each other’s burdens, just as Christ does. This kind of love and care for one another goes deeper than a simple ‘How are you? I’m fine’, and means we are called to share and carry the toughest parts of our lives together as we follow Christ together.

Not envying and provoking one another (3rd September 2017)

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Galatians 5:26. That feeling you can get when you hear your friend has received a promotion and pay rise at work. That time when your colleague was given a parking spot at work ahead of you. That moment when you saw your neighbours extended family go round for Sunday dinner, and your own family live on a different continent. What is that? Envy. It ‘rots the bones’ (Proverbs 14:30). It should have no place in our lives or how we treat one another.

Living in peace with one another (30 July 2017)

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Living in peace with one another. Matthew 18:15-17. Conflict is a part of life. It usually arises when we have expectations that aren’t met. But how we handle conflict is what really matters. If handled well, there can be a hugely positive outcome that can strengthen the relationship. If handled poorly, the results can be devastating. In this talk we look at how we are handle conflict within the church, so that we can live in peace with one another, and reflect the nature of God who resolved the greatest conflict of all time when we made peace with us by His blood shed on the cross.

One Anothering – Together (12 February 2017)

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Jesus told his disciples that people would know they were his disciples by their love for one another. The Bible has many other ‘one anothers’ as well, describing the way Christian brothers and sisters should treat each another. In this opening teaching of the series ‘One Anothering’, we look at the importance of firstly being devoted to one another in fellowship.